Things that hinder you from Achieving a Healthy Weight

Excess weight is a huge risk to your health and this is one reason that one should maintain a healthy weight. Some struggle with gaining weight while others struggle to lose it. Despite this being the case, it’s important one learns the basics of weight loss and how to maintain a healthy weight.

What Factors Determine Your Weight?

Although it also depends on environmental and genetic factors, the calories that we eat, those that we store and those that we burn plays a significant role in our weight. The more calories you burn the healthier your weight.

What are the Things that Inhibit Weight Loss?

While it is easy for some people to lose weight, it is a huge challenge to others. What could be hindering one person to lose weight could be different from what is hindering another one.

  • Chronic Stress

When one is stressed, it’s easy for them to go for comfort foods. It’s easy for them to increase appetite and overeat. This is because, a hormone known as cortisol is created which triggers these things. Unlike the belief that everyone loses weight when they are stressed, chronic stress will see you struggle with weight loss as you also tend to avoid working out.

  • Not Working Out

Working out will not only help you to keep fit, but it will also help you to lose weight. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you will definitely need to work out and if you are working out but there is no progress, you will need to re-evaluate your intensity and routine. Increase your intensity gradually, engage in varying exercises such as cardio and strength training for the best results.

  • Setting Unrealistic Goals

Another reason you could be experiencing challenges in weight loss is having unrealistic goals. Do not set your goals too high such as losing 5 pounds every week. This will be impossible and unhealthy. You can set goals such as losing 2 pounds every week. Your goals should not only be sustainable but they should give you the results that you expect. Not losing weight as expected could lead to more stress.

What hinders you from achieving a healthy weight? This is a question that you should ask yourself if you have been trying to lose weight without success. To avoid health complications, it is highly recommended that you avoid conventional medicines and supplements.

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