Keeping Toned by Focusing on Key Body Areas

When fitness is mentioned, the first things that come to mind are exercise and diet and torture. What also comes to mind is being able to walk a flight of stairs without getting a short breath or jog without fear of suffering from cardiac arrest. Whatever comes to mind, most persons think about being toned and keeping their bodies in good form. It’s about not only looking good but feeling good and this desire to feel and look good is in itself a motivation to be active and fit.

Fat Burning & Cardio

Cardio exercises are aimed at fat burning. Some experts advise that you warm up for your exercises by doing a bit of cardio before. Some exercise machines can actually give you an idea of how much calories were burnt and then you can calculate how much fat was burnt. The simplest form of cardio is walking and you can do it almost anywhere even on a treadmill. Burning fat this way is slow.

A more extreme way is to take up jogging, running or even swimming. If you watch the Olympics sprinters and swimmers have no fat. Simpler exercises would be jump rope, jumping jacks, standing crunches, aerobics and even Zumba. If you don’t want to feel as if you’re exercising, consider joining a dance class to keep yourself active.

Toning your Arms

Few people actually want what’s called angel arms. If you’re not sure what angle arms are, if you ever raised your arm and realized that it’s flabby, then you have angel arms or arm fat. There are several exercises to tone your arms. You will require appropriate dumbbell weights to assist you. If you are new to exercise begin with a five-pound weight and increase its size when you need to be challenged. There is the simple act of raising them to your chest, raising them to your shoulders or even raising them overhead.

Glutes, Butt & Legs

Since female celebrities have become obsessed with the look, size and shape of their butts, everyone is talking about the power of squats and how it can lift, shape and even grow your butt. Whilst squatting with weights is one of the more popular exercise to build glutes and tone legs, you can also do leg lifts, steps ups, lunges, and kicks. Using weights with these exercises is a good idea as it helps to build resistance.

Abdomen, Sixpack & Core

Whether you are male or female, every other person is obsessed with the perfect body. Most persons would wish to have a flat abdomen. Females especially like to talk about getting a beach body. It is easier for men to develop their muscles and it can take twice as long for a female. The first obvious exercise is crunched. If not done properly you can actually damage your back and neck. If you are doing crunches get an exercise mat. Other exercises worth trying are planks, side crunches, and leg extensions.

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