How to Get a Good Deal When Getting Rid of Your Junk Car

We often talk about the health benefits of getting rid of excess weight. But there are also many benefits of getting rid of other junk in your life. A big one for many of us is our junk cars.

Have you ever considered junk car removal? You might be surprised how much money you can make. That’s why we’re here to help.

Is your car just useless junk that can’t take you from point A to point B anymore? Or a car that is badly damaged and can’t be repaired? Don’t worry! You can still get a good deal by selling it.

All you have to is figure out its true worth and find out how much people are willing to pay for it. Those who have this information can make a good profit, whether the car is totally damaged or just old. Besides that, check out these few tips that might help you get a good deal during your junk car removal.

Make an Accurate Description of Your Car

Take notes about everything you see on your car. Notice how ‘junky’ or damaged is it and give those notes to the junkyards. That way, you will get a higher price if your car has valuable parts inside, such as tires in good condition, a GPS system or an alternator. Show that you know everything about your car and that you can’t be fooled. Junkyards notice whether they can fool someone or not!

Prove it’s Your Car

Most junkyards do not accept buying a junk car or any car if the potential owner doesn’t locate the title of the car. Before you go and try to sell your junk car for a better price, find a legit prove that shows the car is yours to sell. After you transfer the car in the junkyard, you will sign the papers containing the title of the car. That way you get your car off your hands and get a better and faster deal.

Remove All Your Personal Items and Clean the Car Before Selling

There are many cases when owners forget their phone or iPod in the car they’re selling. Double check your junk car before selling. Check the trunk, slide your hands under the seats, check under the floor mats. Make sure you’re not selling anything you ain’t getting money for.

Don’t forget the license plates. Remove them from your vehicle before you take it to the junkyard. After, clean the car and make it shiny again. Bringing a clean car at may get you a better deal than bringing it even ‘junkier’ that it already is. Dust and dirt make a huge difference in both appearance and price of the car while selling.

Get Some Quotes

Before you sell your car in a particular junkyard you have in mind, consider calling a few and compare your options

Don’t rush when selling your junk car if you don’t need the cash immediately. It’s not like the car will run away or get stolen if you take your time to consider your options. Before you take your car to a particular junkyard you have in mind, call others junkyards to compare the conditions and prices.

Never Feel Ashamed to Ask for a Higher Price

It’s your car you’re selling and you should never feel ashamed or scared to ask for a better deal. Before asking for a higher price, first, mention the qualities of the car, and after the few disadvantages or damages. We promise you will get a higher price only if you have the courage to ask for it! If not, there are plenty of other junk yards who will buy your junk car and offer you a better deal.

Junk Car Still Functional? Make the Last Drive to the Junkyard

If you’re comfortable driving your junk car before selling, consider driving it to the junkyard. Some junkyards give a better deal if you spare their time and effort to bring the car in the junkyard. However, ask which junkyards do that before hitting the road. Despite you will spare the junkyards time and labor, you will also show that the car is still functional. And a functional car means a better deal.

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