Diabetes friends pay attention! few things you must know about insulin

According to the statistics of the International Diabetes Federation, one in every 12 adults on average has diabetes. ¬†Among them, only about 2 percent of sugar friends, disease control properly, without any complications. Of the remaining 80% of the sugar-sweeteners, they are often given “fear of taking their medicine” and “fear of insulin attack” to keep the disease under control.

Among them, “insulin” is the most unacceptable treatment for sugar friends. In fact, insulin is not horrible at all. It acts as a key, opening up the cellular pathways and letting glucose in and generating energy.

After injection of insulin, 30 minutes to play a role in lowering blood sugar. Physicians choose insulin instead of oral medicine because each drug has its own specific mechanism of action. Physicians will make the most appropriate choice due to the different symptoms of individual diabetes.

Myth # 1: start typing insulin represents a serious condition?

Diabetes is a chronic condition caused by the body’s inability to make enough insulin. Without the key, glucose cannot enter the cell, blood sugar will rise, and it must rely on exogenous injection to help control blood sugar.

Myth # 2: Insulin can cause blindness and kidney dialysis?

Remember the notion that insulin does not lead to blindness and kidney dialysis, and poor glycemic control. Therefore, regular exercise, improve the diet, insulin on time to stabilize blood sugar control, you can also peacefully coexist with diabetes!

If the poor control of diabetes, body organs, blood vessels soaked in higher concentrations than the average person’s “sugar water” inside, over time, it will lead to organ disease, vascular heterogeneity, and serious complications. Take medicine, insulin, it is precisely to high concentrations of blood sugar into normal body fluids.

Myth # 3: take medicine safer, do not fight insulin?

The role of diabetes drugs is: reduce intestinal glucose absorption, stimulating insulin secretion in the pancreas and so on. After physicians to assess sugar friends “what is missing,” let him “make up what.”

Moreover, the choice of exogenous insulin injection, the burden on the body is the least. Due to insulin as a protein composition, after oral administration of gastrointestinal metabolism, that is, loss of utility. At present, science and technology cannot make oral insulin.

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